Draoust: The Dragon Jousting game

SRE(non registered) is developing the game Draoust

This is the game being developed for the Ouya game console as the primary platform. The game had a prototype competition
for CREATE game jam by Killscreen and Ouya.

Fly in the sky bouncing on enemies and friends or just take a chomp out of them. If you get too tired rest on a cloud floating by. However
don't rest too long or you may find your self plummeting to the earth below. Play up to 2 player cooperative for an endless assault of dragon
eating fairies or challenge up to 3 other players(4 total) for pvp player mayhem.

The game was started on 20/Jan/2013 and uploaded to the competition 23/Jan/2013.

Planned features
Endless Wave: 1 - 2 Players, Highest wave and score
Duel Mode: 2 - 4 Players

Possible future features
Adventure Mode: 1- 2 players, A handful of large puzzle maps to explore and engage in a story
Puzzle mode: 1 Player, meet level based objectives
Wave Challenge: 1 - 2 Players, 5/10/20 Waves, Complete as fast as possible

Playing the Web version

Tested with keyboard and xbox360 controller


Keyboard Left: A/D(left/right) Flap(F), PowerVs(G)(R, T for colour selection)
Keyboard Right: ArrowKeys(left/right) Flap(Enter), PowerVs(')([,] for colour selection)
XboxController: Left Analog or DPAD(left/right) Flap(A), PowerVs(B)(Blue, Yellow for colour selection)

Game Rules

one to four players, but only managed to test 3(2 keyboards and 1 controller)
Watch out you don't run out of stamina
Once your Heath reaches 0, your dragon will not restore stamina
bouncing on brown fairies will restore 1 health
flapping uses stamina
Stamina always restores(with more than 0 health), stamina restores faster when not flying

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